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Between the northern edge of Kufar Kara and Kibbutz Regavim leads a winding road with no name. At the edge of the road lies an ancient landscape, Beauty disturbed by the local reality of a military base planted in the outskirts of an Arab village, declaring sovereignty.

The "Nameless Roade" series documents the road between January 2016 and the winter of 2018, and examines the human presence along the route that connects the area's communities from the Roman period.

The road does not invite stopping and gazing, but rather encourages the traveler/ observer to continue on his way from one end to the other. The human presence is mute; Herds of cows attest to a nearby shepherd, the remains of a fire telling of an event that happened in an unknown time. Concrete blocks mark military firing zones and forbid passing through.
Scattered evidence that produces the archaeological documentation of the human story of the present. A collection of signs that tell about the fabric of life and relations between the land and its citizens, Jews and Arabs.

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