About my work 

I grew up close to the sea and the nutrients my work derives from stem mainly from my marine biography, which ranges from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, from a childhood spent by the sea to my profession until a few years ago as a nautical archaeologist.


The motif of layering and decomposition is repeated in my work on the archeology of spaces; Public and personal, past and future. I examine the layering of life into layers of memory and material and the connection between the human desire for commemoration and the memory that remains in reality.


Through stills and video photography, I collect, dismantle and create connections between images from the family album and images of elements that the person has consciously or unconsciously captured in the landscape, and they constitute the material cultural representations of the space in which I live and work.


Alongside this, I explore my intimate space; The formative life events that left their marks on my body and in my soul, that made me move or stopped me in my tracks.