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In her current exhibition, Noa examines and analyzes the changes in the area of ​​the Menashe Regional Council with aerial photographs. She translates her work into layers of colored adhesive tape used in the construction industry - on the walls of the gallery, the walls of the regional council building. Noa responds to the way the area changes and responds to changes in our region, the growth of the Menashe Educational Campus and the construction of the city of Harish next to it. The delicate balance in the local council countryside atmosphere is being disturbed by the new reality that is constantly evolving and sometimes it appears that it was not planned in advance, but is simply a response to the human need to have a home to live in.


She has created a tangle of colored stripes that describe the disorder that exists in the changing shape of the land, and connects the construction and change processes to the archaeological continuum of the place. She places the tension from outside into the Authority building where the future of the exterior is planned. She undermines the quiet and order of the restrained building by entering the external disturbance inside.

Inside the colorful striped tapestry, the artist places photographs of her family in the series "Around the Table" - a series taken indoors in the years when she was a mother to little girls. In this way, she intersperses within the general archaeological narrative, which does not mention any names of individuals, her own personal fingerprint.

The sandbags that were brought into the gallery space from the deserted archaeological excavation near the council building also create a deliberate disturbance in the public space on the one hand, and on the other, they are what combine all the works for an intelligent reading of the exhibition

Zvika Altman

Curator, 2019

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